Richly Adorned

Prehistoric appearance


In this blog I aim to explore what evidence there is for how people looked in prehistory, mainly in Europe. I will look at extant clothing, accessories and jewellery from burials and other sites, search out any sculptural or pictorial evidence and I might even consider some written sources (gasp!) in proto-historical periods. There are also a few people whose remains have happily (for us) been preserved through freezing, drying orĀ in anaerobic conditions in watery places, even preserving hairdos and tattoos.

img_8358I’m Kim Biddulph of Schools Prehistory and Archaeology. I work in costume a lot in schools and museums (this is me on the right ‘gutting’ a ‘deer’) and want to get a better understanding of how I can present myself more accurately, as well as being genuinely curious about how people looked in prehistory.

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